< Version 16.68
Released 2nd January 2017


- Increases experience rank cap to 156 (Rotem)
- Monsters can now chase their targets outside of their areas (Rotem)
- Added experience bonus random event (Rotem)
- A message is shown on login when a drop rate or experience bonuses are active (Rotem)
- Mass edit can now be used by GMs (Rotem)
- New icon for coins (Justin)
- Winter struck TWC (Rotem)
- Added water reflections (Rotem)
- Adds schedule slot for GMs allowing them to add to the schedule manual GM events (Rotem)
- Adds beta optional movement system, this option is not on by default (Rotem)
- Grass edges are now done automatically (Rotem)
- Buckets will drop more often from trolls (Rotem)
- Pets will find buckets more often (Rotem)
- Reputation decay reduced to 1% from 5% (Rotem)
- Doubled reputation gains from pvp, loss remains the same (Rotem)
- Clan pillar destruction will give more reputation (Rotem)
- Colored pillars riddles can not appear twice in a row anymore (Rotem)
- CoS floor 3 can now be entered via port key in Silverblood Castle (Rotem)
- Added monster book of monsters, showing recorded monster slain amounts (Rotem)
- Adds quest "Extreme Pest Extermination" to Hunter (Rotem)


- Minor map fixes (Rotem)
- Fixed fred's barrier not having density (Justin)
- Fixed hunter quest text (Justin)
- Lever turf converted to obj (Justin)
- Fixed cloaks not unequipping when removed (Rotem)
- Fixes Riddikulus MP text requirement (Rotem)
- Exp gained from Mobs should now display only full numbers (Justin)
- Fixes rain deleting outdoor decorations (Rotem)
- Fixes staff removal not removing phase and immortal (Rotem)
- Fixes snow stone not having icon (Rotem)
- Fixes potion ingredient not processing if creator logged out (Rotem)