< Version 16.67 >
Released 15th October 2016


- Added zombie invasion random event (Rotem)
- Added title "Undead" obtainable from zombie boss (Rotem)
- Added more experience lamps from Hunter quests (Rotem)
- Objects have been turned into overlays to improve performence (Rotem)
- Spellbook objects are now global to reduce object count (Rotem)
- Several map and icon changes (Justin)
- Added automated duel trounament random event (Rotem)
- Click edit was changed to enable common GM usage (Rotem)
- Minimum pet size increased to 1 from 0.75 (Rotem)
- Snitch code was re-done, it is now caught with Take verb and not Catch-Snitch (Rotem)
- Added pumpkin monster for halloween, it can be tamed, they are found at Hogwarts Grounds (Rotem)
- Added colored water for Halloween (Rotem)
- Added resurrection stone, halts the dying process and revives the player (Rotem)
- Prom keys are no longer obtainable (Rotem)
- Instead of summer keys, winter keys will be given (Rotem)
- Gold loss is now disabled in matchmaking arena (Rotem)
- Slightly increased kill count requirement from hunter quests (Rotem)
- Added death screen animation, lasts 7 seconds (Rotem)
- Added zombie and his crypt at Hogwarts Grounds with a new halloween quest line, 3 quests: Pumpkin Harvest, Breath of Life and Breath of Death (Rotem)
- Halloween map changes to Hogwarts Grounds and the zombie crypt (Ben)
- Changed lever icon (Justin)
- Floor color change for clan wars (Justin)
- Adds alphabetic sorting to quest book (Rotem)


- Fixed permoveo-ed slugs (Rotem)
- Fixed admin tools not showing tabs (Rotem)
- Improved magic force/colored pillars code (Rotem)
- Removed 1 tile of nofirezone from Entrance Hall (Rotem)
- Fixed area issue in DADA classroom (Rotem)
- Reducto will no longer remove certain binds like house wars respawn cooldown (Rotem)
- Telendevour will no longer return view for non-telendevour view (Rotem)
- Fixed a runtime with brooms (Justin)
- Prevents treasure from spawning in the void (Justin)
- Fixed a runtime with hud objects fade out (Justin)
- COMC desks will no longer go ontop of the fence (Ben)
- Made the dirt path to graveyard from Hogsmeade more central (Ben)
- The water was hiding some small fences on the Hogwarts Courtyard map (Ben)