< Version 16.64 >
Released 3rd September 2016


- Swamp in yo pocket fades out when dispersed (Rotem)
- Transfiguration auto classes will now let the player know using the spell on players is 10 uses (Rotem)
- Added grace period where Episkey begins to heal less and less from 335 to 400, previously at 301 Episkey would already heal low amount of health (Rotem)
- Converts Sassy pixie to new quest screen text (Rotem)
- Added a new quest "Pixie Love" with a projectile spellbook reward to aid new players (Rotem)
- Added custom screen text talk npc for GM held events (Rotem)
- Increased vampire and spider levels by 50 (Rotem)
- Sun Candy will now toggle the lumos effect off when fed again (Rotem)
- Added shiny monsters that can spawn shiny pets, a shiny pet comes with a preset color which is usually hard to obtain as well as the lumos effect (Rotem)
- Shiny pets have a special star particle effect when equipped and a color glow (Rotem)
- Added 2 new movement types to pets (Rotem)
- Added pet happiness, your pet now likes walking outside with you, when happy it might find items as you continue to walk (Rotem)
- Added 2 titles "Best Friend" and "Scavenger" obtainable from walking your pet (Rotem)
- Added fade in/out to pet equip (Rotem)


- Workaround for Actionbar being visible to some players depending on their pc (Rotem)
- Changes how light is handled, this should drastically reduce client side lag (Rotem)
- Fixed disperse not always working properly with restricto (Rotem)
- Fixed swamp stacking when dropped ontop of a used one (Rotem)
- Improved how swamp works (Rotem)
- Minor map fixes (Rotem)
- Fixed old flippendo being saved in vaults thus preventing their load (Rotem)
- Fixed a runtime error related to House Wars (Rotem)
- House wars could get people gm frozen with no unfreeze (Rotem)
- Fixed a runtime error related to logging out in clan hospital HQ (Rotem)