< Version 16.63 >
Released 1st September 2016


- Boosted farming lamps rate to spawn red monsters (Rotem)
- Added "To Dye For", wigs shop can now be bought (Rotem)
- Added protection against newly placed items being bought early (Rotem)
- Added sorting to potions book (Rotem)
- Increased drop chance from trolls (Rotem)
- Reduces chance for old dueling mode random event (Rotem)
- Increases brewing chance for new potion recipes (Rotem)
- Added a new function to auto classes that delays the class if teaching started in last 2 minutes (Rotem)
- Added potions hud icon at the top left of the screen if a potion is active (Rotem)
- Crafting greater orbs now carry over the average usage percent of the 2 minor orbs (Rotem)
- Added fade in/out to hud buttons (Rotem)
- Quest that start with NPC destination will start path finding automatically (Rotem)
- Changes pet coloring method (Rotem)
- Particles with afterlife like blood now fade out (Rotem)
- Tom's Cellar was changed and is now accessible to everyone (Rotem)
- Increased amount of rats required to kill on beginner quests (Rotem)
- Increased gold/exp reward from Lord/Fred/Tom and Tutorials (Rotem)
- Reduced rats, pixies, wolves, dogs and snakes respawn time (Rotem)
- Increased EXP reward from hunter quests (Rotem)
- Nerfs pixies and dogs so new players have easier time (Rotem)
- Experience loss on death is now 20% instead of 25% (Rotem)


- Map fixes (Rotem)
- Fixed super luck potion having same luck factor as normal luck potion (Rotem)
- Fixed taming potion not working (Rotem)
- Text fix to Simon's quest script (Rotem)
- Fixed bugs related to player owned shops (Rotem)
- Fixed elemental damage not applying correctly (Rotem)
- Fixed teleport back not consuming teleport stone (Rotem)
- Fixed big pets showing through walls (Rotem)
- Name tags will no longer be effected by transforms (Rotem)
- Fixed sorting not applying on mail items (Rotem)
- Fixed color stone disappearing on one use (Rotem)
- On older BYOND version, you no longer get a white screen (Rotem)
- Fixed a bug with path finding (Rotem)