< Version 16.62 >
Released 28th August 2016


- Increased level cap to 800 (Rotem)
- Added water that remains water in winter (Rotem)
- Added item protection to buckets (Rotem)
- Added greenhouse to third floor (Rotem)
- Buffed Stickman (Rotem)
- Freeze Area is no longer a toggle (Rotem)
- Removed Blotts and Wigs Salesmen (Rotem)
- Market stall icon (Ben)
- New Diagon Alley map (Ben)
- Added player owned shops in Diagon Alley (Rotem)


- Fixed countdown happening again if you continue to shoot at buckets (Rotem)
- Fixed placing more than 1 bucket on same tile (Rotem)
- Removes old stack sorting from items that don't use it (Rotem)
- Fixed GM Freeze (Rotem)
- Fixed Arcesso allowing movement (Rotem)
- You can no longer place buckets in safe zones (Rotem)
- Updates Ferula auto class text (Rotem)