< Version 16.61 >
Released 25th August 2016


- Random event delay reduced (Rotem)
- Added late joiner lecture to auto classes (Rotem)
- Auto classes will no longer teach same spell until the entire list was taught, this will make it easier on people to get all spells with less duplicates (Rotem)
- Removed herbs respawn (Rotem)
- Added vault versions concept that will allow edits to old vault versions (Rotem)
- Food items now spoil, or rather, they just don't save (Rotem)
- Previously obtained potion herbs were removed, you will have to re-build your herbal collection (Rotem)
- Buckets now have a use, you can grow plants in them (Rotem)
- Added potions book, records in it recipes you discover (Rotem)
- Added a new quest "Brewing Practice" from Simon, reward is potions book (Rotem)
- Swaps around chances for eye drop between floating eyes and trolls (Rotem)
- Increases farming lamp chance to make red spawns appear (Rotem)
- Added quest "Secret of the Crypt" from Vengeful Wisp (Skystone)


- Fixed minor map area displacement (Rotem)
- Fixed stat login bug (Rotem)
- Resolved several possible stack sort problems (Rotem)
- Fixed runtime errors (Rotem)
- Change to new experience rank icon (Apeiro)